Why “Soch” ?

ImageWhy organize a show with such limited seating, with no production, simple costuming and makeup, in a small venue? Why “Soch” ?

We love the scale & grandeur of our showcases. But it was time to do something different. Something raw and gritty. Something which was just about pure dance. Something where we wanted to say something. Something about strength and vulnerability, destructive relationships and rape, about love and loss, about beauty and pain.

An intimate setting where the audiences can hear the breath of the dancers, where there is no proscenium to divide the performers and those who watch them, where the audiences are almost part of the performance.

For those who have seen our shows in the past this will be something vastly different. Even the works that they have seen before will be transformed, just by existing in this space. For the performers, it is the challenge of performing in a small space, of having the audience so close that you can reach out and touch them, and of finding truth and honesty in their performance.

Photographer: Rob Kunkle

Photographer: Rob Kunkle

We are excited about “Soch.” We are nervous about “Soch.” It is something unlike anything we have ever done. It is an experiment. It is an attempt to break the barrier between art and entertainment. To present the dances as is, without any embellishments, any enhancements. There are no vibrant backdrops, no larger than life sets, no dramatic costumes. It is just about those few singular moments captured through dance. The emotions of the dancers, the visions of the choreographers, the intent of the dance works.

Photographer: Rob Fadtke

Photographer: Rob Fadtke

“Soch” is raw and vulnerable, it is an attempt to engage with reality, question certain ideas and dance not just with our bodies, but our very minds and souls.


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