Looking Back, Charging Forward – Our First Year

(June 1st, 2010)

Has it really been one whole year? Sometimes it feels like time has flown by incredibly fast.

And sometimes we think…just one year? It feels like we have been doing this all our lives. As we stand at this milestone, we can’t help but glance back to see how far we have come.

Beginning with the Shah Rukh Khan show to performing an NBA halftime show and eagerly awaiting our debut at the SF Ethnic Dance Festival in June, the company has come a long way. Performances at shows like the Pratham Banquet, ICC Diwali Dhamaka, IIT Diwali Dhamaka, CCF & TIECON have happily punctuated our journey.

Our very own Fall Student Showcase was great, yet the Spring Showcase seemed to have superseded it in so many ways.  In the Spring Showcase we had 4 shows instead of 3 to accommodate all our students – which was a huge step forward. We have launched a brand new fitness program which students and instructors can’t get enough of.  Corporate workshops, private events, music videos, successful auditions…endless energy and passion.

We can look back with pride at what we have built.  In one year, we are the biggest Bollywood company in the Bay Area.  At the same time, and perhaps more importantly, we are a real community – a group of people who want to share the Bollywood culture, spread the joy of movement and contribute in any way possible.

We realize that this would have been impossible without the tremendous support given to us by our students, their families, volunteers and the Bay Area community. We are indebted to those who constantly believe in us and motivate us to work harder than ever before. The loyalty of our students and clients has been energizing yet humbling. Each and every person is an integral part of the thriving dance & fitness community we have created together.

What lies ahead? Growth, change, evolution. We are constantly redefining Bollywood, creating a unique blend of the East and the West. We strive towards building a larger community of professional dancers, instructors and students.  We will continue reaching out to other artists and collaborators, live musicians and choreographers for more creative experiences and dynamic performances. As we add our unique blend of Bollywood spice to the Bay, we  imbibe the flourishing Bay Area’s dance art environment. We will continue the process of constantly observing, learning and applying.  Our community deserves the very best of Bollywood – and we will make sure that we provide it.

Today, with various experiences under our belt and a plethora of ideas and expectations, we set foot into the second year.  New goals, renewed dreams and a realization that limits exist only in the imagination.

~The Team @ Mona Sampath Khan Dance/Fitness


4 Responses to “Looking Back, Charging Forward – Our First Year”

  1. CONGRATS! Well earned and well deserved. Keep up the great work and also helping spread our rich culture to our kids (and adults, too!).

  2. Urvashi Says:

    Hello Mona,

    I saw your group perform on America’s Got Talent last night and as usual they were FANTASTIC. Wish you all the best!


  3. Khushboo Says:

    your dances are simply amazing! there were some really excellent bollywood moves I have never ever seen before. but there were some dances too much seductive and sensual. not really sure how that is promoting our Indian culture. but overall you are the best bollywood grou in California. hands down .. best luck to ya’all

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